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Amicus Anesthesia DBA

As principle of South Central Ohio Anesthesia, LLC (SCOA), it is my belief that anesthesia departments and providers are integral to the perioperative experience and financial success of the health care facility. This not only includes the safe care of patients and their anesthetic needs, but also the relationships between surgeons, patients, and the health care facility.

Today, more than ever, it is important to have the anesthesia group aligned with the health care facility to respond to the needs of the surgeons, and patients. It remains true that perioperative services are the financial engine of the vast majority of facilities. Therefore, the cooperative efforts on the part of the anesthesia group are paramount.  

SCOA partners with hospitals for purposes of mutual goal setting, and cost conscious anesthesia delivery.  The employed physicians and CRNAs at SCOA are all compensated based on metric performance. If our team does not perform to the agreed upon metrics, the financial savings are returned to the hospital.  This concept is integral to our idea of partnership. 

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